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3 years!?


I don't know where the time has gone!  You know that feeling

​when you are really into a project & you are working away, 

​look up for a moment & realize hours have passed?  ​That's how I feel. 

​I joined the Learning Ladder Family March 1 2014.  I could never have

​imagined the highs & lows I've experienced in these 3 crazy years.  As I

​reflect upon these past years I feel pride & so much love!

​I'm incredibly proud of our team.  These women are committed and passionate.  We have such a blast everyday.  Behind the scenes we eat...a lot...we look at what each other has to eat...& ask who is going to Tim Hortons...there's a lot of food & even more coffee.  Also, we try to eat healthy & workout.  We've had more than one "biggest loser challenge". Kathy won, then Josie & then it ended because Kathy kept winning.  (She has the coolest & craziest lunches!)  
​Then there are the children! Oh so many lovely families and bright little people who hold a space in my heart always. 

​In my office I still have Jocelyn's printing of her name, a photo of my darling Ryan & a few other pieces of artwork which move me more than many gallery pieces.  I am incredibly sentimental & these tokens bring a smile to my face.

​Last week I met Mason, my heart exploded.  He is ADORABLE & so happy!  I just had to lift him the slightest bit & he would give me a big smile & his eyes would light up.  Then I squeezed him & tickled him until he gave me the most beautiful belly laugh. 

​Even after the most challenging days, I lay in bed, exhausted & I reflect on what I could've done better, what to change for the future.  Then a happy moment crosses my mind & I find myself smiling like a fool up at my ceiling. 

​Check out our blog!

​We have so much to share with you to celebrate this milestone!!

​Naturally, there will be cake at the end of the day! (because it's not a celebration without cake!)

Thanks for reading!