2017 Reader's Choice Award Winners!!

GOLD Best Daycare 2017

PLATINUM Best Nursery/Preschool 2017


I know I overuse the word GRATEFUL - but- I am!!

In the last three years we have received 5 Reader's Choice Awards!! OH MY GOODNESS!! We honestly do our very best, it's incredibly rewarding to have our center recognized!

This year has been an incredibly journey. We said goodbye to many of our preschoolers as they headed off to "Big School".  What was most memorable/special as I reflect on this year would have to be Andrew & Christopher! They were our first infants when we opened the infant room in 2014! This year they left us to go to KG.  It was sad to say goodbye to them, some staff were in tears (literally).  I am grateful to these families (and all our families) for entrusting us with their precious babies. 

September is a busy month as we see off our graduates & new families start.  It's hard to leave your little one, heartbreaking to see their tears and hear them cry as you drop them off.  So, we encourage parents to call as often as they need to!  Staff send photos throughout the day of them exploring & playing.  This month all the children have settled so beautifully!  I credit the staff for giving those newer children the extra attention they need to settle in.

I'm looking forward to October, we have lots of fun things planned including a trip to Springridge Farm's Fall Festival & another family breakfast (it was such a hit!).

Stay Tuned!!



3 years!?


I don't know where the time has gone!  You know that feeling

​when you are really into a project & you are working away, 

​look up for a moment & realize hours have passed?  ​That's how I feel. 

​I joined the Learning Ladder Family March 1 2014.  I could never have

​imagined the highs & lows I've experienced in these 3 crazy years.  As I

​reflect upon these past years I feel pride & so much love!

​I'm incredibly proud of our team.  These women are committed and passionate.  We have such a blast everyday.  Behind the scenes we eat...a lot...we look at what each other has to eat...& ask who is going to Tim Hortons...there's a lot of food & even more coffee.  Also, we try to eat healthy & workout.  We've had more than one "biggest loser challenge". Kathy won, then Josie & then it ended because Kathy kept winning.  (She has the coolest & craziest lunches!)  
​Then there are the children! Oh so many lovely families and bright little people who hold a space in my heart always. 

​In my office I still have Jocelyn's printing of her name, a photo of my darling Ryan & a few other pieces of artwork which move me more than many gallery pieces.  I am incredibly sentimental & these tokens bring a smile to my face.

​Last week I met Mason, my heart exploded.  He is ADORABLE & so happy!  I just had to lift him the slightest bit & he would give me a big smile & his eyes would light up.  Then I squeezed him & tickled him until he gave me the most beautiful belly laugh. 

​Even after the most challenging days, I lay in bed, exhausted & I reflect on what I could've done better, what to change for the future.  Then a happy moment crosses my mind & I find myself smiling like a fool up at my ceiling. 

​Check out our blog!

​We have so much to share with you to celebrate this milestone!!

​Naturally, there will be cake at the end of the day! (because it's not a celebration without cake!)

Thanks for reading!


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